Skincare brand NIVEA has come up with an innovative way for parents to keep track of their children while relaxing on the beach this summer.

Famous for its commitment to protecting all the family’s skin, NIVEA’s brand has established itself over the last 100 years as a skincare range that caters to and has been specifically tailored to meet everyone’s needs.

The world’s first NIVEA sunscreen

For the brand’s 100 year anniversary in 2011, the company looked back at the evolution of its products from the early 20th century through to the present day; including the rise in popularity of beach holidays and tans. Until Coco Chanel was photographed with a tan in 1923, having sun-kissed skin was considered lower class and not a fashion statement many were keen to make.

Families had started heading to the beach for holidays more than they had ever done before the war, and despite there being little knowledge of the link between over exposure to the sun and skin damage, NIVEA created its first sunscreen to protect skin and sooth sunburn.

NIVEA on the beach

In 2014 NIVEA has begun using technology to create a forward thinking product. The brand has promoted the latest addition to its growing family with a unique campaign aimed at parents who will be taking their children to the beach over the summer months.

The Sun Band, a piece of wearable smart technology for children, has been marketed in Brazilian magazines as a bracelet with adjustable straps that can be detached there and then. Each strip contains a locator that can be connected to an app which is downloadable to the parent’s smartphone. Once the child is wearing a Sun Band that is synced to the app, the parent can set a perimeter for their child and should they exceed that distance an alarm will alert the parent.

Expanding your brand

The NIVEA Sun Band is set to be an appealing idea to their target audience while it also does not stray from the brand’s promise. It expands the scope for new developments as the technology available to NIVEA evolves, and their customer’s expectations change with it to want more than skincare products.

The team at Cuckoo Design are experts at recognising a brand’s potential and how to present that to their audience. We work closely with all our clients beginning with our brand workshop HeadSpace, at the start of every campaign. This not only enables us to understand your business, your aims and how you want your brand to progress but it gives you an insight into our working process. For further details about what we do and how we could benefit your brand, contact the team at Cuckoo Design today on 0161 839 9337.

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May 21st 2014

This Sunday is the Bupa Manchester 10K run and a few of our Cuckoos will be there running for their chosen local charity.

Phil, Ben, Andy and Esther will be running and raising money for a great local charity, The Salford Foundation.

The Salford Foundation

The Salford Foundation is a social inclusion organisation that provides opportunities for young people and adults in Salford and surrounding boroughs to develop social, academic, vocational and personal skills.

We’ve had lots of generous donations so far but we haven’t quite reached our target just yet.

So if you could, we'd be very grateful for any donation, small or large, to help our running Cuckoos achieve their sponsorship target for this very deserving cause.

You can find a link to our JustGiving page below.

Thank you from all of us at Cuckoo!

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May 16th 2014

British fashion designer, businessman and blogger Henry Holland has been recruited by Magnum Classics ice-cream to celebrate the brand’s 25th Anniversary.

Holland follows in the footsteps of fellow fashion legends including Karl Lagerfeld and Zac Posen, who have created Magnum master pieces of their own in recent years.

Karl Lagerfeld and Magnum

In 2011, to mark the company’s breaking into the American market, head designer and creative director at Chanel Karl Lagerfeld was commissioned to create something unique to promote the brand. Lagerfeld designed a Magnum inspired chocolate hotel room using 10 tons of Belgian chocolate, and complete with a chocolate version of Baptiste Giabiconi, the designer’s muse, sat eating a Magnum on the bed.

The fashion veteran also shot three short films with actress Rachel Bilson as the star, whose character throughout the series believes that a day without pleasure is a day lost, in keeping with the Magnum philosophy .

Zac Posen is good as gold

To celebrate the latest edition to the Magnum ice-cream family, designer and perfumer Zac Posen designed one of his legendary power-female dresses with a million dollar twist. The floor length, fish-tail gown was a vision crafted from solid gold and estimated to be worth $1.5m (£999,000).

Posen’s one-of-a-kind 24-carat gold dress can be seen in the short film titled As Good As Gold, which stars actor Joe Manganiello alongside Caroline Correa, directed by Emmy-award winning director Jon Cassar.

Holland cracks the Magnum market

A now highly regarded figure in the industry, Henry Holland has become a star both on and off the catwalk with showbiz friends including Alexa Chung, Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw and pop-songstress Lily Allen.

In honour of Magnum’s 25th Anniversary, Holland designed a one-off Sixties inspired dress complete with a collar style that mimics cracked chocolate using layered fabric discs. The dress, worth £5000, took the designer three months to produce from concept to finish.

Mr Holland said: “Magnum has done some amazing fashion partnerships, so when I was approached about the project it seemed like a really exciting opportunity, plus, the prospect of free Magnums didn’t hurt!

“I've never worked in brown before, but the style of the dress fits in with my general aesthetic, I was able to be more elaborate with the embellishment techniques, which was fun."

The Henry Holland brand, House of Holland has reached new heights of its own in recent years, including an affordable ready-to-wear line for Debenhams as well as his famously vibrant, high-end range which continues his theme of fun, eye-catching prints and patterns.

Does your brand have the WOW factor?

Each of these designers has a reputation for creating daring designs that stand out from the crowd, while refusing to compromise on the feeling of luxury and pleasure that their consumers should feel in their garments.

At Cuckoo Design we make sure that all of our clients’ brands are representative of their company’s values as well as their products. That is why we work with you to find out what’s important to you and how we can help you achieve business success through a compelling marketing campaign and strong design. If you would like to find out more about what we can do to boost your brand, contact our team today on 0161 839 9337.

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May 1st 2014

Award winning, Salford based marketing agency, Cuckoo Design, has completed an assignment following appointment by Royal London, the UK’s largest mutual provider of life and pensions products, to ensure that there was continuity of messaging across all literature following its recent acquisition of Co-operative Investments.

Cuckoo refreshed the ‘direct to customer’ proposition relating to stocks and shares ISAs including direct mail activity, call centre support and briefing kits. It was also appointed to design and build the new website

Phil Rainey, Creative Director at Cuckoo Design said; "Following the acquisition of The Co-operative Investments by Royal London, there was a need for continuity of messaging in all literature. The site acts as a great resource for customers, enabling them to check their investment and get up-to-date market analysis. The challenge was to present this vast amount of content in an engaging and customer focused way. By using the latest technology we developed instant fund calculators along with live price/news feeds. Now there’s only one place a customer will need to visit to get the information they require."

Sheryl Murphy, Product Marketing Consultant at Royal London said; “The website will provide customers with a wealth of information about their investment and includes live feeds from Reuters which again is a first for us. This website just forms part of the new and wider Royal London communications strategy of a direct to consumer offering. Cuckoo has been instrumental in making such a content-rich and interactive website feasible in such a short period of time.”

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April 17th 2014

The Austin music festival took Texas by storm once again this year, featuring a stellar line up of performers who took to the stage over the course of the five day festival.

Audiences at SXSW 2014 were wowed by the likes of Lady Gaga and Coldplay who headlined stages sponsored by international brands – a far cry from the festival’s humble beginnings in 1987. The latest instalment of South by South West (SXSW) was an opportunity for platinum selling musicians and unsigned artists alike, to showcase their music in front of the industry’s biggest producers and record labels.

Despite the increase in larger than life names on the line-up, SXSW stays true to some of the values that brought the festival to life 28 years ago. The crowds were treated to performances by up and coming musicians such as Sam Smith and Mary Lambert, co-writer of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Same Love, alongside many more musicians still striving to break into the industry.

Head turning brands at SXSW

As the self-made musicians battled with Damon Albarn, Kanye West and ASAP Rocky for attention, the brands sponsoring various stages throughout the festival were working hard to get their hashtags and some truly spectacular stunts trending on social media.

Blue chip giants such as Doritos and iTunes had branded stages; Doritos promoted its Bold BBQ tortilla crisps by taking over Stubb’s BBQ restaurant for Lady Gaga’s outdoor concert, and temporarily renaming it #BoldStage. Would-be audience members were then tasked with a series of bold missions in order to gain entry to the performance.

iTunes compiled a line up of some of the charts biggest bands including Coldplay and Imagine Dragons for its March 11th show, while Prince played for Samsung and Justin Timberlake for MySpace.

Other, comparatively smaller brands used less conventional promotional techniques such as that used at Sailor Jerry Presents. Festival goers could be inked up with a free Sailor Jerry approved tattoo, the style of which was decided by the spin of a wheel.

Making a branding strategy fit your target customer

The brands at SXSW know what they’re doing when it comes to creating an attention grabbing branding campaign that gets people talking. However, the key to their success is not being the biggest or the wackiest, it’s knowing exactly who the audience of the acts on their stage is and appealing to them.

At Cuckoo Design our team of exceptionally talented creative marketing types work with our clients to produce effective online and offline campaigns that speak to their customers. To find out more about us and what we do, get in touch on 0161 839 9337.

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March 20th 2014

The biscuit manufacturer has invested in a rebranding campaign for the new year, which is set to reunite the company’s range of sweet biscuits under one brand.

McVities has invested £12 million in a promotion based on 12 months of extensive customer research in the UK. The digital and TV advertising campaign promotes the brand’s new pack design featuring the McVitie’s wheat sheaf logo.

A series of three 30 second adverts focusing on three of McVities biggest household names - Digestives, Chocolate Digestives and Jaffa Cakes - were aired for the first time on 3rd February.

People have the same emotional response to cute animals and biscuits

Parent company, United Biscuits, found that small, cute animals evoked many of the same emotions as biscuits and uses kittens, puppies and the world’s smallest primate, a Tarsier, to convey McVitie’s ‘Sweet’ strapline.

In an interview with the BBC, United Biscuits Chief Executive Martin Glen stated:

“We sell biscuits to about 100 countries in the world and we wanted to find out if people felt the same about them, and they do. Because biscuits are baked, people have very strong memories of childhood, their mother baking things in the kitchen, that lovely smell so it actually evokes images of warmth, comfort, sociability and people sharing. And people feel the same way the world over.”

The brand has used the ‘cute animal’ factor to reinforce the emotional attachment consumers have to biscuits, using the warmth of this latest series of adverts to create a positive brand association.

Knowing your brand’s identity

McVitie’s is an established and well-loved British biscuit manufacturer, and a brand that is widely recognised around the world. The company’s latest rebranding campaign sticks with the brand identity, a maker of sweet biscuit that already evokes feelings of familiarity, warmth and relaxation from consumers.

The Cuckoo Design team recognise the importance of brand identity for a business, and the relevance it has with the target customer or consumer market. If you would like to find out more about how we have helped our clients establish their own brand identity using our brand workshop HeadSpace, contact us today on 0161 839 9337.

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February 21st 2014
Cuckoo Design has successfully helped a national hotel chain exceed all targets for its 2013 Christmas marketing campaign. After 12 years of a print focussed campaign, Cuckoo encouraged the team to reassess how the chain generated interest for Christmas parties, including addressing a new online audience. In 2013 sales of single Christmas cards dropped to 101.4m, valued at £147.1m while boxes of Christmas cards dropped to 800m with a value of £200m. Although these figures may seem relatively high, compared to a decade ago the statistics were drastically different. As our client had discovered in recent years, more forms of print media are beginning to become old hat in the eyes of potential clients, when the internet provides a wider range of resources at their fingertips. In a world where even Father Christmas is on Twitter, it makes good sense to think digitally.

Taking your business online

In the place of traditional Christmas cards, more businesses and individuals have turned to Christmas emails and texts; similarly the hotel chain moved their 2013 campaign online. Not only does digitalising a Christmas campaign give users increased flexibility as to how and when they access your information and save on substantial printing costs, but it allows you to reach a wider audience organically. Moving your brochure online drastically increases the chances of relevant clientele finding your services. This provides a cost effective and efficient use of resources, instead of spending ten months of the year chasing new business.

Staying on top in a competitive market

In an increasingly competitive market that was continually driving prices down, we worked with our client to create a campaign that worked. In order to achieve its goals, Cuckoo took the following steps:
  • Drastically reduced the size of the Christmas brochures to just 4 and 6 page versions, each with a strong festive theme
  • Introduced downloadable brochures to the website
  • Implemented an online booking system
  • Using online resources also enabled Cuckoo to collect accurate data on the hotel’s behalf
  • Supported the project with an extensive SEO, social media and PR campaign
The simplified brochures included only snippets of what the chain had to offer over Christmas such as sample menus, prices and entertainment. However, in keeping the majority of the information online the hotels benefited from the flexibility that having their Christmas brochure on its website afforded them. Bookings for entertainment, and food and drink menus could be decided much closer to the festive period than in previous years, as there was no print deadline to contend with. Consequently, our client was able to negotiate a more favourable price from suppliers. In total, Cuckoo Design helped the national hotel chain surpass their targets for the year, which had in the years before become difficult to reach as more services take their businesses out of print. By taking its Christmas marketing campaign online, our client saved £40,000, exceeded the previous year’s sales targets on covers and brought over 70,000 visitors to the company’s website.

Take your hotel online with Cuckoo Design

Having been firmly established since long before the digital revolution, the Cuckoo team have extensive creative marketing experience in both digital and print. Using innovative branding solutions, Cuckoo’s strategies have achieved award winning results for a number of national clients including Bupa, the Co-operative Bank and QMH hotels.
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February 18th 2014

Cuckoo Design has been selected by Tyres on the Drive (TOTD), after a four-way agency pitch process. Cuckoo’s appointment covers brand, digital and offline communications campaigns to support TOTD as it seeks to grow the business.

As a pioneering and innovative business, TOTD offers a professional, mobile, tyre-fitting service just about every vehicle from cars to caravans, motorbikes to vans, at home or at the workplace. Due to the structure of the company and significantly reduced overheads, the company is able to offer a 40% discount on the average high-street provider together with its customer-centric, convenient service.

Cuckoo’s appointment covers brand, digital and offline communications campaigns to support the business which currently operates across the North West, Midlands and Yorkshire regions and provides additional related services including brake replacement, accessories and Winter Checks plus offers both corporate and fleet tyre services and has plans for further product and regional expansion in 2014.

Justine Wright, Managing Director of Cuckoo Design says;

“We are delighted to be chosen by Tyres on the Drive to work with this exciting and rapidly growing brand. Marketing Director, Nicola Fitzmaurice is fantastic in terms of understanding how a client and agency can work collaboratively together. It is always far more rewarding to be involved with campaigns at such as early stage and see where the opportunity can take you.”

Nicola Fitzmaurice, Marketing Director at Tyres on the Drive says;

“Cuckoo stood out, not just from a creative perspective but that they really understood what we need at what is a hugely important time for our business. They clearly understood the market but also how to use online communications effectively. I am looking forward to working with them to develop our new brand and product campaigns.”

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December 16th 2013
We're all big fans of the beautiful game here at Cuckoo HQ, so when Flixton Juniors Sharks U7's needed a new kit we couldn't resist sponsoring them. The team has just started their first season of football, recently entering the City Of Salford Soccer League.

We'll be watching the Sharks progress closely this year... you never know there could be a few Giggsy's of the future in this team photo? I'm sure you'll agree they all look great in their new Cuckoo kit. Come on you Sharks!!

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November 26th 2013

Award-winning, Salford-based agency, Cuckoo Design is celebrating a number of new instructions on behalf of new clients including Bupa and Lynton Lasers.

Bupa’s design challenge is to refresh its website in line with current brand guidelines which is being addressed by providing a series of templates and styles for roll-out across the UK website.

The agency has also recently undertaken a full re-brand and created a new suite of collateral for the UK’s leading manufacturer and provider of cosmetic laser solutions, Lynton Lasers.

Nick Spragg, Digital Publishing Manager at Bupa commented;

“Our selection of Cuckoo provides us with the services of an agency that is flexible, creative in its approach, local to us and offers fantastic consultancy advice. They have a great team and are always a pleasure to work with.”

Cuckoo, which is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its rebrand to Cuckoo Design this year, is looking to capitalise on its recent growth by working alongside a couple of specialist agencies, theEword for SEO consultancy and Just PR & Marketing.

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October 31st 2013