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CreditMatcher free score banners

In Autumn 2016 Experian launched CreditMatcher, a major new product for the company as it was the first time they were offering a free credit score for life. To support the national TV and press campaign our HTML display banners needed to cut through in this competitive digital arena.

By using the established dial we injected colour, movement and the brand into the creative messaging. Not only did our creative have to look great, it also had to pass Google’s strict specification guidelines and adhere to Experian’s compliance requirements. Each and every word and millisecond therefore had work as hard as possible.



Experian briefed us to refresh their Yahoo Lifestyle page takeover, with targeted messaging promoting how Experian’s Credit Expert product could help get their customers better credit card rates.

Following the presentation of a number of concepts at Experian’s London headquarters, the client chose their preferred route. We approached the brief wanting something that clearly demonstrated and communicated the key message in a succinct way. It needed to have impact, through use of animation and colour, in what is a competitive and crowded market.


We developed Experian’s existing use of a ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ scale to animate how, by improving your score through Experian, you could get better credit card deals. The campaign ran for a number of weeks on Yahoo’s Lifestyle website, achieving impressions upwards of 100,000. Following its success through this channel, the client decided to roll the campaign out through Google’s Double Click network.

We produced an additional suite of 15 banner resizes, developed using the latest HTML5 code. These would function across multiple devices including the iOS operating system.


I never knew that

We were asked to develop Experian’s brand proposition for their CreditExpert product digitally. Using the overarching ‘Use it’ brand message we focused on a more targeted approach. During a competitive pitch in London our ‘I never knew that’ creative was chosen.


A number of conceptual routes were explored culminating in our ‘dot’ creative being the preferred choice. Experian felt it complimented the brand extremely well within the challenging display advertising arena. The dots were used to animate a sequence of everyday objects such as maps and houses. Using a clever combination of animation techniques our messaging was then contained within the graphics.

Our brand message focused on introducing Experian CreditExpert with ‘Everyone has a credit report’. The concept would then answer this with ‘I never knew that’. This was a great way to educate the mass market whilst also being campaignable for multi-targeting both prospects and existing or lapsed customers. The final call to action frame contained the message ‘Get in the know and use it.’
We then rolled out the concept targeting users looking for a mortgage and developed the graphics and copy for this too.

The campaign was tested 50:50 against the previous creative and achieved fantastic results for Experian. CTR% (Click Through Rate %) saw a 21% uplift. In turn the campaign saw a huge 20,000 less impressions needed for conversion (I2C) from the previous creative.

It was also the first campaign where a UK advertiser has displayed a full page skin takeover on the new MSN homepage.


Identity fraud banners

ID fraud online was a hot topic in 2016. Experian wanted a suite of display banner creative which allowed them to run a campaign on an ad-hoc basis when stories broke in the news. The designs, animation and messaging needed to educate and inform and not appear to be scaremongering. Using clear iconography and a positive call to action helped achieve a successful targeted campaign.