Most annoying adverts of 2013

3rd January 2014

Apart from the odd few adverts that are a bit weepy, or manage to coax a giggle out of us there are few that don’t make us want to immediately change the channel out of sheer annoyance and petty rage.

Each year there are a select few that whip the nation up into a flurry over just how irritating, and often confusing they are; 2013 has been no different. Unleashing a fresh batch of obscure marketing ideas into the world, which never-the-less usually work wonderfully for the product.

What did 2013 bring us?

There have been some hilarious offerings from teams of advertisers throughout the nation this year, here are just a few of our top 2013 moments in advertising:

Brad Pitt’s face – Chanel No 5

With all the love for both Brad Pitt and Chanel in the world, this is not the best advert that has ever been created, nor the best advert featuring Brad Pitt (thank you Levis in 1993). Pitt looks thoughtfully into the distance then back towards the audience, as he says:

“It’s not a journey. Every journey ends but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear. Dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck. My fate. My fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable”

Leaving most people unsure as to what he’s talking about, and a world away from the fashion house’s usual super chic offerings featuring a scantily clad Audrey Tautou or Keira Knightly.

Go Compare

2013 introduced a whole new level of annoyance from the operatic insurance company singer. Not only are we still inflicted with odd advert plots, but rather than singing, Gio Compario is now the pitcher of his own knowingly naff adverts.

However, Go Compare has become one of the most successful comparison websites in the UK, with an estimated worth of well over £450m, making profits of £34.7m in 2011.

Mayday button – Kindle Fire HDX

This is an incredible leap in technological advances for the folks at Amazon, yet their advertising of their latest piece of innovative software has left millions pondering the truth behind this so called ‘Mayday button’, that is probably not the effect Amazon intended.

The famed advert tells the tale of a confused man trying to navigate his new Kindle Fire HDX, when he presses the Mayday button a nice lady pops up in a screen who has the power to use his apps and draw on his screen; as well as give him the answer to the question he asked.

As a nation we aren’t always the most accepting of change, and so the big ones do have to be broken to us gently. So launching the Mayday button at us with the full force of Amazon to get people inspired in time for Christmas 2013 was only going to be met with scepticism, and mild annoyance that such a thing could exist outside of Star Trek.

Bingo – All of those directed at females

The sheer number of these adverts implies that there is a huge market for online bingo, but must they reach such heady heights of annoyance? The business of bingo has exploded over the last decade, as the number of online sites has risen from less than 20 to more 350 in the UK. Indicating that there is clearly a market for online Bingo and their rapid growth will be largely due to many cheesy adverts – so although it is tempting to condemn these hugely irritating adverts, they are clearly doing an excellent job.

Goat 4 Sale – Doritos

Some adverts this year have been pure genius, revealing to the world that some advertisers truly do know their audience to a T, and they really do want to make them happy. In 2013 Doritos introduced the world to a Doritos fiend goat; this goat drove its owner so mad with its incessant consumption of the tasty and ever so crunchy snack, that as the title implies the goat is put up for sale. The audience is left with an image of the terrified owner locked in a room with a furious goat.

Be more dog – 02

The nation near enough fell head over heels for this lovely advert that said ‘Be different’, by being different. It would be cynical to suggest this advert is an effort to outshine 3’s dancing pony, but it has done very effectively never-the-less; even to the point of the tagline ‘Be More Dog’ edging into everyday discourse. Clever, successful marketing that gets people talking and not because it’s annoying – thank you 02.

Hare and Bear – John Lewis

Since 2009 the department store has been coming up with enchanting tales of Christmas loveliness to advertise the beginning of their Christmas campaign. 2013’s offering has certainly not disappointed with the tale of the bear who had never seen Christmas, and his best friend the hare awakening him from hibernation with the gift of an alarm clock from John Lewis ensuring that he doesn’t miss out on the magic of Christmas again.

Tugging at the nation’s heartstrings works wonderfully the chain as the £7m advert saw the company beat last year’s record takings by 10.7 per cent, making £101.45m within the first week after the advert’s launch.

Great marketing campaigns

Creating marketing campaigns that are successful, memorable and if the need arises, can charm the socks of your audience, is a job for the experts. At Cuckoo Design we have been helping our clients focus on who they are as a brand in order to come up with the best possible marketing campaign for them.

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