GDPR: The Start of Something Beautiful?

20th June 2018

In every challenge lies and opportunity – or so the saying goes. Across the country four little letters have become synonymous with panic, dread and confusion. Yes, like everyone we’re talking about – whisper it – GDPR. Contact lists across the nation have been decimated, much to the horror of marketing and communications professionals nationwide. But while we, at Cuckoo, are more than aware of the challenges GDPR presents, we believe it also has the potential to be a great opportunity.

Marketing has changed dramatically in recent years, and social media has been a huge catalyst in this. The days of sending materials out to unsuspected recipients in scattergun fashion thanks to data obtained in all manner of ways may well be over, which can hardly be a bad thing. Instead, social media allows us to go back to basics by building genuine relationships with our customers, but with far greater reach than ever before.

Social media marketing, if done correctly, can rebuild trust between companies and their clients. It can develop relationships through knowledge, creativity and honesty, which are significantly more rewarding and lasting than those of poorly directed mailshots or advertising by attrition.

So how can we maximise this potential and ensure our social media output is up to the task?


Targeting audience

 Zoning in on different audiences might not seem like the best way to reach a lot of people, but that’s the point. Say goodbye to all-encompassing posts and instead carefully choose who you want to focus on. Consider your audience carefully, ask yourself what you want your end result to be and where the best gains could be made, then work out who you need to be reaching out to in order to make it happen. 

Creating killer content

 Content is a term that is thrown around a lot these days. You may have rolled your eyes on constantly hearing that ‘content is king’, but it’s kind of true, it’s absolutely crucial. Your content is what will get people from the targeting we just talked about, to sealing the deal, whatever ‘the deal’ may be. With social media, you often don’t get all that much space to get your message across, so you need to make every character count. The upside? Good marketers will create far less worthless content, which will only add to the perceived quality of your brand.

Engage, engage, engage

 Where possible engage with your audience. Talk to people, create conversations, encourage discussion, put your experience to good use. Remind your audience that by choosing you they are not partaking in a faceless digital transaction, brands can have hearts and minds too. It’s important to prove that behind the avatar you’re great people with something really valuable and worthwhile to offer, and it would be smart to choose you.

 So, although GDPR has limited your freedom to contact whoever you want, there’s plenty of value in taking a more tailored approach anyway. When you do come into contact with new prospects – through paid reach, advertising or amazing content that just has to be shared – they will get a real sense of the who you are and what you stand for. If that gets converted into a connection, you’ll know that you already have a relationship far more meaningful than any unopened mailout could create.

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