Holiday Inn Stratford-upon-Avon photo-shoot

3rd October 2013

I’ve been at Cuckoo for a month and last week was the most exciting yet as I spent the week in Stratford-upon–Avon helping out with a photo-shoot. Ben, the art director of the photo-shoot, and I travelled down on the Monday and met up with the photographer and his assistant and began work straight away.

The photo-shoot was to promote a large refurbishment that has taken place at the Holiday Inn Stratford–upon-Avon over the past couple of months. I had the opportunity to cover many different roles over the week from helping to set the scene, to working with the photographer and being an extra model for some of the shots, which I have to say, was the most enjoyable out of all my assigned jobs.

The shoot went smoothly and I was impressed with how well Ben worked with the photographer and models as everything ran like clockwork. I learnt a lot from my time in Stratford-upon-Avon, as I had very little knowledge or interest in photography before the photo-shoot, and spending time with a professional photographer was a very rewarding experience.

I had little idea of how much work, time and effort goes into running a successful photo-shoot and quickly realised that it was a very detailed and time consuming process. I think the best part of the week was during the terrace shoot, as the sun was shining, there was a great atmosphere within the team and we treated ourselves to a couple of drinks when the work was done.

I can’t wait to see the pictures (including my moment in the spotlight!) and the finished material the shots are used for. I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for the opportunity to arise again.

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