Top 10 most recognisable brands

21st May 2014

Brands are instantly recognisable by the logo they choose to represent themselves with, and for the majority of those featuring in our top 10 this is true all over the world.

A well constructed branding campaign can depict a business’s values, its target audience and the industry it belongs to through its logo, despite many of them having altered several times over the course of their existence. Our top 10 most recognisable brands are all household names whose logos we are exposed to on a daily basis, whether they use their brand name as their logo or a symbol that represents who they are.



1. Barbie
Since Barbie’s inception in 1959 when Mattel Inc. first introduced the fashion doll, the bright pink logo has become synonymous with beauty and modern glamour.



2. Microsoft
Despite the 2012 revamp of the PC giant’s long standing logo, the brand remains instantly recognisable thanks to its core window design that represents the business’s flagship product, the Windows operating system.



3. Visa
Visa’s brand has successfully evolved with its target market and maintained relevance, particularly over the last decade with the prevalence of internet banking. When shopping online, ecommerce sites are aware of the importance of making their payment system appear as secure as possible; having the Visa logo beside their final point of payment signifies reliability and drastically increases the likelihood of a conversion.



4. Google
The Google brand is represented not only through its logo which is the focal point of the search engine, but the colours and font have become evocative of it also. Google has integrated itself into the lives of people around the world, building its brand up from a simple search engine to a company known for being at the front of the pack when it comes to innovative technology such as Google Glass and Google Maps.



5. Disney
The Disney brand is one of few in the world that is recognisable from more than one logo or representation. Whether we are faced with an image of its figure head Mickey Mouse or Disney’s logo with its unique, balloon font, it is immediately clear that the brand it represents is Disney and all of its subsidiaries including ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm.



6. Shell
A simple red and yellow design with no company name is enough to represent this 115 year old company, with a brand that is so recognisable it no longer needs to include its name in the logo. Shell has even managed to retain its position as the most profitable corporation in the world despite being one of the most expensive suppliers of petrol.



7. IBM
The information technology company made its name manufacturing and selling computer hardware and software before branching out more recently to become a hosting service that also consults in various areas of progressive technology. Its logo has been redesigned several times in its long lifespan that dates back to the 1900s, with its latest incarnation reflecting its change of emphasis from stability to speed.



8. Apple
Apple’s logo is famous around the world and to many the iconic silhouette of an apple with a bite missing means more than the brand, and is a symbol for innovative technology. The brand has had a renaissance since the release of the iPod in 2001, using digital technology that would lead to the reinvention of the smart phone in 2007. Apple is largely considered the company that sparked the change in the way we use technology in daily life – with most of the world’s mobile users now owning smart phones and more people each year converting from predominantly desktop use in the home to tablets.



9. McDonald’s
Since the 1960s the golden arches have been tantamount to burgers, fast food and McDonald’s. The logo is recognised around the globe by millions, while the brands continued survival can be put down the company’s ability to adapt to what the consumer is looking for in their fast food service.



10. Coca-Cola
Worth over $31 billion (£18.4bn) making it the world’s eighth most valuable brand, Coca-Cola is a company that features heavily in all our lives whether we actually drink the product or not. Through sponsorships and adverts the brand has integrated itself into the lives of billions of people around the world, and is one of the few in our top 10 to have retained the core aspects of its original Spencerian script logo that has been its symbol since 1887.


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