Top marketing tips for the property market

19th August 2015

Scanning the headlines detailing soaring property prices, particularly in London, complete with lurid tales of a lock up in Tottenham being listed at half a million pound (when we wrote that, it was a wildly exaggerated invention, by the time you read this it’s probably a calmly understated account of an actual case), it can be easy to imagine that the average property company doesn’t require a great deal of marketing. Such is the chasm between supply and demand, that if your business happens to be property, whether selling or renting it out, then it’s surely a business in which the customers do all the hard work?

There are several caveats to this understandable point of view, however, the first being that not every business is based in London. It’s not just London, of course; although the capital undoubtedly leads the way in terms of property demand and price inflation, there are other pockets of the country where demand outstrips supply to a massive degree. The Manchester suburb of Wythenshawe, for example, until now probably most famous as ‘apparently the place that ‘Shameless’ was based on’ was recently reported to have experienced a 60% rise in property asking prices in just 4 months, the biggest such rise outside Chelsea. If the property you’re developing or marketing isn’t based in one of these pockets, however, or, indeed, if the new property being created is part of a concerted attempt to create such a pocket of confidence and activity, there are still tips to bear in mind when aiming to maximise both revenue and speed of transaction. There’s a good chance that you know everything there is to know about property but not quite as much about the fine art of marketing, which is all about capturing and summarising the essence of your offer in a manner which is accurate, effective and evocative, and then making sure the right people get to know about it. That’s where we step up to the plate, and the advice and branding we offer is designed to maximise the impact of any property marketing campaign in the only way that really matters – the bottom line.

The first and most obvious point, but still one which is often forgotten in the rush to market as widely as possible, is to focus your marketing on a target audience. The temptation is to bombard as many people as resources allow, but a family of four who receive constant alerts about one bedroom apartments in the ‘creative district’, for example, are likely to remove themselves from your mailing list. Targeting more narrowly but more smartly, using a database of prospective customers to match properties with prospects, is far more likely to yield results than a simple ‘carpet bombing’ of promotional material.

Perhaps the most vital piece of advice is to make it as quick and simple as you can for people to access information about your properties. If there’s one thing, which people in the 21st century are short of, it’s time – especially people under the added pressure of trying to find somewhere to live. Make as much information as possible available online, across a range of platforms, making it easier for people to decide if they are genuinely interested.

The options for marketing your properties broaden on a more or less daily basis. Whilst not ignoring the time-honoured hard copy methods (when dealing with a transaction and decision of this size, prospective clients can still be highly traditional in their approach), embrace platforms such as social media and options like direct email, targeted leaflet drops. Utilise the whole arsenal of branding techniques, from strikingly designed advertising hoardings to carefully honed email campaigns and spectacular one off events.

At Cuckoo Design we have over 6 years experience marketing the property sector we know it works because everything we do, from stand-alone websites to traditional brochure material, is pointing in the same direction. It’s all been designed to offer a highly specific and carefully targeted view of the offer being made, a view, which is, designed to maximise appeal and to draw in members of the target market.

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