Video Marketing Is Everything: Lights, Camera, Action!

7th March 2017

Video Marketing

 Why video content should be leading your Marketing activity.


They said a picture is worth a thousand words, now they say a video is worth a million.

Video content can propel anyone and anything to new levels of internet and global stardom. So, if a clip of a cat dressed like a pirate can amass millions of views in just weeks, then all you really need is a unique and genuinely brilliant idea to send your brand soaring into the viral stratosphere. Pretty simple really.

According to Cisco, By 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, fortunately a video campaign’s brand-boosting power is now unparalleled even if it doesn’t reach viral realms. It has metaphorically catapulted itself into the forefront of all digital marketing trends, therefore should be factored into your marketing strategy immediately.


So what are the defining features of successful video content?


Engagement is key if the campaign is to make any traction across the web. It’s about the story and encompassing message rather than the sale so if the video answers yes to one of the following questions – Will it entertain? Will it inspire? Will it teach? Then it’s usually on the right track.


What makes video content so vital?


Why? Because consumers are more likely to remain loyal to brands that they follow on social media. An Animoto survey found that 76.5% of marketers and small business say video marketing has had a direct impact on their business while 64% are also more likely to buy a product online after watching a video and 71% of consumers who feel brands have offered them a good social media experience are likely to recommend it to others.


Emerging marketing trends


Many brands at the forefront of video marketing are also trying to up their influence across the web by capitalising on the latest video features across social media platforms. According to HubSpot, Facebook users are now spending 3x more time watching live videos than any others on social media.  Then there’s the hot-topic of live video, which is now a feature on Instagram, and Facebook not to mention social media maverick Snapchat – which draws in 150 million daily users!

According Magnifyre, 29% more people viewed a 360-degree video than the same video in standard format, however don’t throw standard format video out just yet, both standard format and 360 videos can now be turned into an interactive experience. Take consumer giant  Philips’ ‘Designed to Play’ campaign executed this concept to perfection. Their ad showcased their Click & Style electric razor by inviting consumers to select their favourite facial hair styles out of 6 options.


The power of social media shares


Google Android’s ‘Friends Furever’ campaign was another video marketing genius at it’s finest. Jumping on the uber clickable ‘animals doing cute things’ trend, their clip of unlikely furry pals was shared over 6 and half million times making it the most shared ad of 2015.


Money doesn’t always matter


Massive sharing and engagement potential doesn’t require a massive budget, just a little social media savvy-ness. After all, Facebook alone generates around 8 billion video views per day.

Take this ad for US clothing company Chubbies for example. It’s four unlikely racers – adults dressed as Super Mario characters – take part in a tense Mario Kart-esque race San Francisco’s Lombard Street – or as Chubbies describes it the ‘crookedest street in the world’ – chucking banana skins in each others’ paths.

The campaign saw off competition from big budget video ads by Intel, KFC and Amazon on it’s release hitting 17.2 million views in it’s first 7 days, not to mention 340,000 Facebook shares alone in it’s first month.

Campaigns can fall far from going viral but their ever-increasing impact on brand growth only serves to emphasise why video content needs to be at the very top of the priorities list this year.

2016-2017 has been Cuckoo’s busiest time to date when it comes to video, so if you need a helping hand with your brand’s video content or overall strategy get in touch on 0161 660 8352 or email – we have lots to talk about!

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