Here is why you need to prioritise culture in the workplace!

5th October 2017

At Cuckoo we know that our best work is produced when culture is kept at the forefront of the agency, we’ve worked very hard over the past 3 decades to establish a great working environment and culture to get the absolute best out of our people.


To us the definition of culture is how we bring our lives into the workplace and share our views and true selves to the wider team, culture cascades down from leadership, it floods through the agency by treating our people with respect and fairness, creating a safe and open environment where people love to work.


Historically, agency life has gained a reputation for being an intense and draining career path, where people get burnt out from long hours, demanding clients and high pressure, this is to some extent true, however the landscape is changing, progressively agencies are becoming a lot more focused on staff retention and care. Creating a great place to work is as much a priority for some as adding blue chip clients to their belt. At Cuckoo we whole heartedly believe in quality over quantity, we work hard from 9am to 5.30pm, we are very organised, we brief well, we review well and we know our stuff. Most importantly we engage our staff, we brief our team on projects they believe in and enjoy, when staff are fully engaged by a project and feel valued they produce their best work…for us that is utopia.


What is workplace Culture?


Culture is an understanding and acceptance that every person in the agency is unique and valuing them for their differences. Happy teams who work well together and respect each other, create a positive energy and culture that spreads through the agency, this is what allows us to produce great work day in day out.


Wellness and work life balance


Wellness, a term that has been thrown around the business world a lot over that past few years in all sectors. How do you truly define wellness? Each individual will have a unique idea of what wellness is, whether it’s getting out of bed at 5.30am to do yoga before the kids get up, meditation or playing guitar after hours. It is important to break people away from the computer screen and incorporate wellness into the work day to day. Maybe it’s going for a 10 minute walk or joining in a painting session to re-wire and revitalise the mind. Giving your team the resources, freedom and tools they need to create their own balance within the workplace is key; providing fresh fruit, a dedicated room for leisurely activities, or encouraging staff to take a full hour lunch break. Work life balance and wellness of mind is ever more important today.


How do we bring wellness and culture into our team?


Having a pool table or buying an office dog is not however going to automatically instil culture and wellness of mind into your workplace. It’s about communication, support, flexibility and creating opportunities for your people to be themselves. One of the consequences of modern life is that we are never really out of office, we are always connected, this can have a negative effect on the work life balance, especially for those who work flexi-time or from home, as the lines are blurred between home life and work life.  One of the most effective things you can do to create a positive culture within your team is to simply show your team that you respect their free time and trust that they will do their best work without the added pressure.



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