Marketing Terms & Conditions


All concepts and creative work belong to Cuckoo unless paid for. We will be happy for you to use our creative ideas with alternative suppliers but the creative work must be paid for first. A quote will be provided on request.


Proofing and getting things right

We have a 3 stage internal agency sign off process and we will build time into the lead-time schedule to do this properly. This will give you assurance we have proofed your work thoroughly, but of course we expect you to check the work too. If there is a spelling or grammatical error after print we will pay for a re-print. For any other errors it is a shared responsibility.


The money

All work will be quoted on at the start of the job and the quote will be fixed unless the scope or project, brief or production specification changes. We will re-issue the quote as soon as possible if this is the case. Quotes do not include VAT and are valid for 30 days from the date issued. We sometimes require payment up front (either in full or part) but we will agree that with you when necessary. Depending on the length of the project from start to completion we may part charge but in general we invoice on completion of the project.

If your procurement team issues POs we will need it within 7 working days of the quote being approved. If the PO is not in our possession by the time the job is complete and we are ready to invoice, a £45 fee will automatically be applied for each week we are unable to do so.


Paying us

Our invoices need paying within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Any queries relating to invoices must be raised by the Customer within 14 days from the date of the invoice. For every week late after the due date, a £45 per week fee will be applied.


Buying things on your behalf

Anything we buy or commission on your behalf will incur an added mark up of 20%.


Who owns what?

As soon as you have paid your bill, all the work associated with it belongs to you. There are exceptions that are out of our control. These relate primarily to music and imagery, although from time to time other elements may be included. These will be clearly highlighted at quote stage.


Artwork or digital files

If you want to use any of the work we have produced for you with another supplier we will be happy to supply the files in the format originally created by Cuckoo. When you have taken possession of the data from Cuckoo, it is out of our control, in this case, we cannot be responsible for any problems that may arise. If any further sizes, specifications or formats are required a charge will be applied.


Digital testing

All websites are tested in-line with our Website Testing Process document, which is available on request. This includes clarification and sign off during 4 stages of testing; Pre-Build, Front-End Build, Back-End Development and Site Deployment.



In conjunction with you we will issue a press release to the marketing trade press about either the project or the new relationship. We will also feature your logo and work on our website, in social media and from time to time in print.


Data protection

Any personal data supplied to Cuckoo via email, for use in DM and EDM campaigns will be deleted after upload/use. Cuckoo do not store any of this data on our internal servers or computers.