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At this stage we want to understand your business, your team and your customers, whether they are B2B or B2C. Our bespoke audit and brand architecture workshop allows us to get underneath the skin your brief – this is a crucial stage of our relationship.

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We take our all learnings; consider the information we have extracted and use this to form the basis of our creative and planning brief. Basically, our roadmap of how we will achieve your objectives and deliver against them.

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One undeniable strong relationship is at the heart of every great brand, internally and externally. So, before we go any further, we bring all key stakeholders together and agree the briefs and the proposition. Agree, the journey and touchpoint mapping, making sure we are all on the same page.

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This is time to apply all the insights and learnings and turn that into a visual concept, agreeing tone, imagery, messaging and what this looks like applied to the agreed marketing plan. The creation of the brand playbook ensures brand consistency balanced with continual creativity and innovation.

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Bringing everything to life through all media and platforms. Constantly reviewing and reporting. Constantly learning and refining. Allowing the brand and business to live and grow, looking at what is next and how can we continually improve.

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