Great branding lasts forever

19th January 2015

During 2014 we brought 20 stunning new brands to life

At Cuckoo Design, we’ve spent the last 12 months developing the very best kind of branding. Branding that slips under the radar and gets under the skin; of you, your business, of your customers. The kind of branding that people don’t really notice, because they’re too busy noticing the product, people or place that it applies to. Noticing and liking. Someone very clever once said that good branding is invisible but unmistakable. Actually it was us. We did that for over 20 brands in 2014.

“2014 was an exceptional year for Cuckoo. Branding is at the very heart of the agency and we have enjoyed bringing over 20 great ones to life over the past 12 months from starts ups to well established businesses. Our team and agency has been simply amazing.” Justine Wright, MD

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