Meet Our New Cuckoos

24th November 2017

Cuckoo New Starters

A massive warm welcome to the latest additions to the Cuckoo team, Tiffany our new Office Junior and Katie our Digital Marketing Assistant. Both joining us fresh out of college to grow their skills and embark on an exciting career in the agency world, whilst supporting the wider Cuckoo team across all areas from copywriting, administration, digital marketing and customer services.

Historically, the creative industry is known for isolating its recruitment pool to those who have a degree or previous agency experience – we take a different approach to recruitment. Cuckoo are firm believers that nurturing passionate young people — who did not spend their greener years at uni — whilst letting them develop their skills across all areas of the business produces the most resilient and tenacious talent.

Justine, Managing Director and owner of the agency said; “Whilst I recognise the value of a degree, I do not think it is essential. I started work at 17 and feel those precious 4 years stood me apart at 21 and allowed me to get ahead. Our new Cuckoos are starting agency life hungry, ambitious and full of va-va-voom, without any preconceived ideas or expectations from text book learning.”

We are already impressed with our new team members, and look forward to seeing them flourish in 2018.

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