Wellness Workshop

20th March 2019

This World Kidney Day, Cuckoo’s monthly wellness focused on how we keep our kidneys kicking, focusing on promoting good kidney health through nutrition. Nutrition Guru Robyn Lee paid a visit to the office to share all her nutritional knowledge, armed with her trusty Nutribullet and an abundance of fruit and veg. The team were tasked with creating smoothies that would leave us satisfied and refreshed but also give us great ideas for creating our own smoothies at home as part of a healthy diet. From lean and green to oaty goodness there was something for everyone. In between smoothies she ran through key points on how our kidneys help us and how we can help them. We each went away with a refreshed outlook on keeping our bodies healthy and a few tasty smoothie recipes to help kick start our day.


World Kidney Day was just one way Cuckoo got the entire office away from our screens for an hour. We pride ourselves on keeping a happy, healthy work force. Our monthly wellness days take us away from the office environment and allow us to focus on our mind and body. This break helps boost productivity and gives us a chance to interact outside of the workplace. Happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees according to Forbes, so whether it’s an hour smoothie making or a short walk around the Quays, as a team we value our wellness sessions each month and look forward too many more.

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