Experian HTML5 Display Banners

Cuckoo were asked to develop a full suite of online display banners using HTML5 for Experian CreditExpert, a market leading FTSE 100 global information services company.

Experian were in a predicament as they found that their creative messaging was quite static, with one message for all users regardless of what stage of the customer journey they were at.

The overall objective was to build a suite of creative that would guide users further along the customer journey.

Using sequential ads, we aimed to incorporate tactical and educational sales messages and ultimately drive the user to the Experian website.


In addition to the overall brief, we were also tasked with creating online display banners that would cut through the noise on some of the world’s biggest advertising platforms such as Google, eBay, Gumtree and BT.

The brand message focused on introducing Experian CreditExpert with the line ‘Everyone Has a Credit Report’, the campaign concept would then answer this with ‘I Never Knew That’. This was a great way to educate the mass market whilst also being a strong and memorable campaign. The final call to action frame contained the message ‘Get in the know and use it’.


The animations we used were designed to be eye catching. We used Experian’s signature dots to create bespoke graphic devices that would hold the key message when scaled or animated.

We worked hard to push the boundaries of possibilities within HTML5 using a combination of bespoke code, the Adobe suite and Google Double Click Studio.

The campaign was tested against the previous creative and achieved fantastic results for Experian. Click Through Rate saw a 21% uplift and the campaign saw a huge 20,000 less impressions needed for conversion in comparison to the previous creative. It was also the first campaign where a UK advertiser has been displayed in a full-page skin takeover on the MSN homepage.

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