FC365 Brand Strategy

J+D’s mission is to simplify the complex nature of pharmaceutical forecasting to help support informed decision making for the future. They are dedicated to helping pharmaceutical companies use smarter pharma-forecasting solutions to make strategic and operational investment decisions. They create bespoke pharmaceutical forecasting models, innovative software and interactive training solutions.

FC365 is a tailored pharmaceutical forecasting solution which solves all of your forecasting challenges within one complete system. Powered by trusted Microsoft technology, FC365 encourages the seamless discovery of instant insights. It combines years of pharmaceutical forecasting expertise with both established and innovative software to create one intelligent forecasting solution.



We were briefed to develop a new brand concept for the FC365 product. This needed to complement the master brand but provide a stand-alone proposition. The stakeholders spanned across scientists, marketers, sales and operations professionals. A complex product missed with varying needs of its different stakeholders plus an owner-operated company created a series of challenges.

We delivered a programme of brand workshops, cascade sessions and reviews over several weeks allowing for a focused solution that ticked all of the boxes.

The new brand was delivered via the website, sales collateral, EDM, website content and supported by a brand playbook.

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