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Fleet integrated marketing strategy

We’ve been working in the automotive industry, specifically the fleet sector for over a decade, and in that time we’ve developed a strong understanding of this industry.

We work with our clients to develop a robust marketing strategy, which captures their audiences’ attention and engages them to convert. We can do this because we understand the market and the people who work within it, whether a Driver, Financial Director, Managing Director or Fleet Manager.

We position our clients in a manner, which makes that decision much easier for their customer to make. To that end we immerse ourselves in every aspect of the industry, through driver guides, online car tax calculators and tools, direct mail and infographical imagery. Through all of this activity we develop an all round and consistent communications plan for our clients and in turn a brand that their customers can really trust.



GE Fleet Toolbox is an online portal that hosts essential fleet information, including over 50 research papers and guides. The site is fully responsive and the intelligent search system is tailored to both drivers and fleet managers. We also implemented a share function, which enables advice and best practice to be spread company wide in minutes.

The web based content library offers a page-by-page view suited to mobile and tablet users. The suite of online tools allowed fleet managers to access a library of frequently asked questions and issues such as; whether to buy or lease, the amount of road tax to pay, issues around driving abroad, use of winter Tyres or real-time tools to show significant cost savings.

Additional assets include; films from industry experts revealing their views on fleet issues, plus a monthly newsletter covering all the latest manufacturer and fleet news.



With complex products, sometimes a brochure just won’t do the job. Key Solution is a fleet management tool, which facilitates a series of cost saving strategies across large fleet clients. The product had been used widely in the UK prompting GE to roll it out across Europe. We produced a series of short animated films, plus a range of supporting online calculators and tools, that clearly illustrate how much money could be saved through changes to fuel, badge options and emissions. A micro site was designed and built to house additional information such as case studies, downloadable brochures and enquiry forms. This was then translated into 5 languages. Direct mail literature and an e-marketing campaign further enhanced the product offering to the pan European audience. View the full website at



As part of Toolbox we were briefed to develop an online tool, fed by live data that would allow drivers to work out the most tax efficient company vehicle.

Consideration was given to not only the design but also the usability and functionality, therefore providing an accurate real time quotes for all GE Fleet clients.

Hosted within the online portal the tool will provide visitors with all access at all times.