Hartmann Data Management


The brief was to support HARTMANN in managing their customer data as they looked to expand their email marketing activity.

This provided a number of issues, the first was that HARTMANN’s database was timeworn and there was a likelihood that many of the contacts would be outdated. The second, was that HARTMANN had two main product areas which were incredibly different leading to a varied customer base and subject matter.  They wanted to ensure that all communications were relevant to their customers.

We created a bespoke customer facing preference centre which aimed to help HARTMANN learn more about their customers and ensure more sophisticated email marketing in the future.

The data then automatically falls into personalised and segmented data pots based on each of these factors. HARTMANN currently have over 35 data pots which will allow them to target consumers based on occupation, interests and general preferences.

The main focus of the preference centre was creating a seamless and simple user journey. By giving users a choice of a few options, we hoped to make the process of segmenting data based on profession, sector and interest as easy as possible.

Firstly, we asked to find out what type of customer the user was as HARTMANN deals with healthcare professionals, patients and both professional and family carers. The next step for medical professionals was to find out which sector they specialised in. After a few simple clicks, customers can then enter their preferences and become part of data pots relevant to their personal situation.


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