Let’s Do Christmas



Valor Hospitality manages 17 hotels and 4 retail brands on behalf of DTGO across the UK. We have worked with this client for over 18 years developing brands, marketing campaigns, websites, internal communications strategy and digital advertising. One key revenue stream for all hospitality clients is the Christmas and new year period. Marketing for each season starts in January with off-peak booking triggers throughout the year. With over 100k covers throughout the whole group, customer touchpoints are managed in a complex marketing model. Crucial to the success the campaign is the overall concept, and with Valor, that means executions across multiple brands including Crown Plaza, Hilton, AC and Holiday Inn.



A variety of marketing channels and media were used to execute the Christmas campaign effectively across all brands.

We produced a menu and programme brochure for each hotel and retail outlet, personalised to them and their Christmas offering. Additionally, the website generates over 75k visitors and manages brochure downloads and booking requests.

To support the Christmas campaign we also produced in-hotel POS collateral and executed targeted digital campaigns such as EDM and organic and paid social media across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Due to each hotel possessing a different location across the UK, marketing activity on a local level was used to ensure that the campaign was capturing the correct audience. Sales team initiatives and incentives were also put in place to drive the campaign forward.

If you would like some help wrapping up your Christmas marketing strategy, please contact jennifer@cuckoodesign.com today.

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