Mis-sold Mortgages Website

Cuckoo were tasked with creating a website which primarily focused on generating leads for a company aiming to help those who have been mis-sold mortgages.

We approached this by prioritising the lead generation form, designing and creating a simple template, which made contacting the company as simple and easy as possible for the consumer. By emphasising the message to such an extent, it meant that customers could get their questions answered as efficiently as possible, without getting lost in the website.


This contact form was then strategically placed at the top of the web page to generate a larger volume of data and increase conversions. This also hugely complements a business’s PPC strategy, as a simple, user-friendly landing page is required to maximise conversions.

It was not just user-experience prioritised in the design of the website, the layout could also facilitate a whole host of SEO optimised content and images allowing the consumer to gain a deeper understanding of the business easily.


This sort of template will not just improve the performance of businesses in the financial services sector but can also be diversified and adapted to meet the needs of companies in a plethora of industries, such as ecommerce and property, where lead generation is key.

Focus on growing your customer database and generate the conversions you need through a simple landing page design. Cuckoo are experts in creating user-friendly websites and conversion-led landing pages, why not see if we can help you? Contact jennifer@cuckoodesign.comto find out more.




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