Police Mutual General Insurance Campaign

Police Mutual tasked Cuckoo to create a fully integrated marketing campaign that would help to encourage customers to apply for a home or car insurance quote with them. The objective was to boost the number of general insurance enquiries and to ultimately increase revenue on the home and car insurance offerings.

The incentive gave customers the chance to win some incredible prizes including high street vouchers, iPads, dash cameras and £5000 cash when they requested a quote from Police Mutual. Cuckoo were challenged to bring this campaign to life, in an industry with a lot of high-profile competition.


For this campaign to be a success, Cuckoo delivered stand out creative that could be used across both print and digital media. The design had to be powerful but also show the fun side of the brand to entice people to enter. Adopting a Pop Art style with clear, stand out text and limited imagery, the message was clear from the get-go.

We also used the pop art style graphic over some stock photography to help put the campaign into context and help the audience to understand the nature of the incentive but plays on the emotional aspect, giving reasoning as to why you would enter.


For print media, we created a range of leaflets, posters, postcards and banners all to be distributed by the client. Taking into account the brand guidelines and different uses for the collateral, we were able to create a wide range of media that was all as impactful.


For digital use, we decided to bring the campaign to life. Along with creating emails and social media tiles, we used HTML5 animation to create animated banners. The purpose of this was to bring a new dimension to the campaign and to help it break through the competitive world of digital advertising. The strategic use of GIFs allowed the campaign to stand out whilst translating a very clear message.


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