Police Mutual Life Insurance


Cuckoo were tasked with a full campaign to launch Police Mutual’s new Life Insurance product which was to be provided by Legal & General.

The campaign was to promote life insurance from only £6 a month. It aimed to promote peace of mind that the customer’s family would be financially secure in the event of death or serious illness. In a high-risk career, this comfort felt even more relevant and so it was vital to approach the topic with a sensitive tone whilst showcasing the benefits.


Our campaign message was “make sure they’re protected” which was complemented by strong, fun, family led imagery. This aimed to inspire parents to think about the future and prepare for all eventualities by taking out Life Insurance. It played on the emotional aspect of life insurance by reminding customers of the importance of family whilst incorporating emotive and positive imagery.


The deliverables for the print campaign included:

A3 poster  |  A4 advert  |  A4 letter  |  A5 brochure  |  A5 flyer  |  C5 envelope  |  HTML Emails  |  Pull up banner  |  Web banners



The incentive for signing up to the life insurance was a £75 gift card, hoping to appeal to more people. However, Police Mutual also wanted to provide split testing for a more family friendly incentive.

Police Mutual tested an incentive of giving away Alpha pups cuddly toys. Cuckoo created the name for this incentive, commissioned a photo shoot for the products and created branded materials for including adoption certificates and letters. This was a test and learn by Police Mutual, they sent the toy out to some customers who took out the life insurance instead of the £75 gift card. This tied in nicely with the child focussed campaign.




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