Police Mutual Tool


Police Mutual tasked Cuckoo with creating a tool for their website which is designed to help make their customers financial planning simple.

The tool in its previous state was dated, didn’t add value to the user’s journey and was out of date in terms of the products Police Mutual offer. Cuckoo re-worked the tool to entice the visitors, promote engagement with the website and to create something that sets Police Mutual apart from the competition.

Life Planner is an interactive tool that suggests Police Mutual products to a user based upon their future plans and aspirations in life. These aspirations can range from home improvements, holidays, expanding family or even getting married. Whilst the product can not officially advise the user on a financial product, it aimed to ‘inspire the user’ with products that could aid their plans and take away financial worry.



The first stage of the tool is a visual multiple choice for a user to choose three aspirations. The basis of this design came from Instagram, using the square format and beautiful filtered imagery to play up to the idyllic and dreamlike quality of the user’s aspirations. Cuckoo implemented a captivating design, which was not only in fitting with the Police Mutual brand but created a seamless and easy user journey.

In the second stage of the Life Planner tool there are a small amount of persona questions. These questions assess the user’s current situation to help gain a clearer picture of the financial services that could help them.

The third section serves the user products that may be of interest given their goals and personal details. It filters the Police Mutual products which are appropriate and could help customers in the long run with the overall aim to aid their wellbeing and take away financial worry.

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