Millson Group UX Strategy

The Millson Group tasked Cuckoo with a complete rebrand including a website that showcased the best of their business.

Millson Group is a professional services provider for land owners, property investors, financial institutions and developers based in Manchester. The brief was to segment the brand into their core services, architecture, development management and interior design.

Focusing on the letter M as the main brand device strategic use of brand colours we created a clear and simple typography and each sub-brand was given its own identity, whilst being coherent with the Millson Group.

The re-brand repositioned Millson Group as experts in architecture, development management and interior design, allowing each sub-brand of the company to shine individually.

With an honest and straightforward approach at the heart of everything that they do, the next stage of the brief was to create a website that reflected this in the user journey.

We designed and built a website with corresponding subdomains. The user journey had to work seamlessly with the core and sub-brands. The journey we designed guides the user through from the core brand ‘Millson Group’ however segments the sub-brands, ensuring that the Architecture, Development Management and Interior Design pages work as a separate entity.

Each of these areas have a very different target audience,  therefore it was a vital part of the user journey to keep these pages separate. There is no way to navigate from Interior Design to Architecture without going back to the Millson Group homepage, ensuring that the target audience can only see what they are truly interested in, minimising distraction or confusion and focusing on conversions.

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