Valette Square Brand Strategy

Bringing Valette Square to life

Valette Square is a stunning residential development offering new build homes just off Salford’s vibrant Chapel Street.

Having developed the name and branding, the launch was planned for March 2020 and we all know what happened then. However, for the previous 4 months we had been driving engagement through social media and the pre-launch website, whilst securing interest from over 200 prospects. On that basis the client decided to proceed with a digital launch.

In the first few days we were seeing up to 70% open rates on emails, 300+ visitors per day to the website and secured within a week 3 soft reservations, 10% of the scheme.

The origins of Valette

Pierre Adolphe Valette (1876 – 1942) was a French impressionist painter, best known for tutoring L.S. Lowry. This famous corridor of Salford has witnessed many historic events, and was well-known to Valette and his famous Salfordian student. We therefore thought it fitting to celebrate Valette by naming this exceptional new square after him, and commissioned original sketches of the artist for use in our campaign.


The art of property branding

We developed a robust 20 page brand playbook. Numerous stakeholders would need to adhere to these guidelines in order to create consistency across all touchpoints, from architecture through to interior design.


The film

We created a suite of collateral that would open the doors of Valette Square to a world in lockdown. We produced a film incorporating original location footage and 3D animation and brought the vision of Valette to life in less then 90 seconds.

Watch the film here


Website and social media

Digital would be our only interaction with potential buyers throughout the start of the launch. Everything had to look out-of-this-world to excite an audience at a very difficult time. Initial enquiries and interest were exceptional. We used as much animation as possible in campaigns, to cut through the noise and competition. Agents would call back interested parties from our data capture forms, walk them through the website, film and virtual tours then mail them a digital and hard copy of the brochure.


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