Valor Hospitality Preference Center


With GDPR having a huge impact on data management, Valor Hospitality tasked Cuckoo with creating a strategy which would allow them to capture and store customer’s data securely across 17 different hotels whilst managing their personal preferences.

The challenge was to ensure that customers personal information is kept securely and safely but could also be accessed easily. We achieved this by creating a bespoke customer data centre that segments customer data by demographic and interests, opening up the opportunity for personalised email and SMS campaigns in the future.



We created data capture landing pages which is integrated with the preference centre. The landing pages for each individual hotel enticed customers to enter their personal details using an incentive. The customer has the option to select their marketing preferences.

The customer is added into a data pot based on their chosen interests for example, “Food & Drink Offers”, “Business Meetings & Conferences” and “Health & Fitness.” Between the 17 hotels we now manage over 200 different data pots.

Valor lost a lot of data through their original GDPR cleanse, but through the user-friendly nature of the preference centre, we have been able to increase their overall database by 400% within a year.

Using a personalised approach to emails, which has been made possible because of the preference centre, we are now seeing an unprecedented average open rate of 44.72% and little to know unsubscribes.

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