When it comes to commercial and residential property marketing. Nobody does it better than Cuckoo.

When it comes to commercial and residential property marketing. Nobody does it better than Cuckoo.

In the last few years, the marketing and advertising brains here at Cuckoo have been instrumental in selling over £20m in property space and reimagining over £2m property rebrands. So, it’s safe to say that when it comes to both commercial and residential property marketing, we know our stuff.

In fact, since our inception over 20 years ago, no other advertising and marketing agency in the UK has played such a key role in bringing multiple commercial and residential property brands to life. That’s why we are the trusted marketing partner of The English Cities Fund, MUSE Developments, JLL, Hilton Hotels, Valor Hospitality, Waterside Places and Urban & Civic.

What’s behind our success in this sector? We’ll let our MD Justine give her thoughts:

“It’s all about doing the basics well, then understanding human behaviour as well as the nuances of the property market and understanding the focus of where your messaging, design and strategy needs to be in order to make any property’s benefits clear, compelling and above all desirable… that’s what everyone stays focussed on here at Cuckoo and it has worked for a wide range of clients for over 20 years.”

Bounce Forward

You don’t need to bounce back. You need to bounce forward with Cuckoo: We make brands fly.

Justine’s beliefs in how to successfully market both commercial and residential properties are distilled into Cuckoo’s simple, yet beautifully effective 5-step marketing approach which are already helping several property brands bounce forward into success post-coronavirus.

It’s an approach that our clients have come to equally love for its effectiveness, and to whet your appetite as to how it could help you in the rental or sale of your commercial or residential properties, here’s a brief glimpse of our approach.

Cuckoo’s 5-step approach to effective commercial and residential property marketing.

  1. Learn: This is where we understand not just everything about you, but about your property, its location, the history of the area. It’s where we look at things like your brand architecture and get under the skin of your brief to enable us to find you a unique voice, look and feel that will make your property compelling to potential residents.
  2. Consider: Once we have learnt we distil this into our planning and strategy brief. This is where the building blocks for success are created. But not just success in the short term, you’ll find the things we do for you hear will pay dividends for you for years to come. It’s where we help you understand barriers, motivations, proposition, vision and purpose. All of which are vital for sustained marketing success.
  3. Agree: This midway point in our process is vital. It’s where we sit down and paint a picture for you of the roadmap to success. It’s where we agree media, messaging, touch-point mapping, schedule and finalise budgets. Ultimately, it’s where we all make sure we are on the same page before we push the ‘go’ button on our activity.
  4. Create: This is the fun part. It’s where all our insights and learnings are poured into the creative department and where compelling words, designs and pictures are created that light the spark for success. We’ll also put this into a brand playbook for you, so going forward you have all the elements for creative marketing success in one easily referenced tool that allows you to create consistency but allow for innovation too.
  5. Deliver: Results are the backbone of Cuckoo. We stand by our marketing beliefs and so ensuring accurate reporting on our activity and also testing and refining to make sure we get you the optimum results is we are the chosen marketing partner for a wide range of commercial and residential property clients. Simply put, it’s in our interests to make your business a success, that way you’ll choose Cuckoo again… like many of our clients have for over 20 years.

Are you ready to bounce forward with Cuckoo on your side?

…Simply give our Innovation Director Jen a call on 0161 660 8352 or drop her an email by clicking here.

If you’re ready to bounce forward with your commercial and residential property marketing activity…

…Simply give our Innovation Director Jen a call on 0161 660 8352 or drop her an email by clicking here.